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Photo of Seattle Academy Best of SAAS Volume 18 Magazine Cover Photo

Best of SAAS, Volume 18

Showcasing Seattle Academy's 2018-19 school year including student profiles, academic highlights, signature programs, and more! Learn More

Photo of the Culture of Performance at Seattle Academy

Culture of Performance

Students are challenged to take risks by combining disparate skills in moments of action. Learn More

Know the Kid

Understanding each student at the individual level and navigating with them through their educational experience. Learn More

Inclusive Community

Fostering respect for human differences, growth of the individual, and diversity within the school community. Learn More

Photo of Seattle Academy Graduation 2019

College and Life

We value curiosity and innovation, participation and excellence, and exploration and resolve. Learn More

SAAS Pillars

The core of our programmatic vision is the collection of student learning provided in our academics, arts, athletics, outdoor trips & travel and service experiences within a supportive diverse and inclusive community. 


Seattle Academy’s mission of preparing students for college and life means our academics pair traditional areas of study with innovative curriculum, projects, and performances.


Since Seattle Academy was founded, the arts have played a central role in our school’s identity. We believe that every student is intrinsically creative.


Seattle Academy Athletics offers an inclusive, no-cut program that invites students of all skill levels to participate in our team sports offerings. At the same time, we’re just as passionately committed to supporting excellence, fielding teams that operate at the highest level of competition or performance. 

Outdoor & Travel

The Seattle Academy Outdoor & Travel Program provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves both physically and emotionally, to deepen relationships, and to develop a responsible understanding of cultures, people, and the lands through which they travel. 


The Seattle Academy Service Learning program helps prepare students to be engaged, reflective, and productive contributors in a changing world. 

Inclusive Community

Seattle Academy welcomes and binds together a diverse independent school community - we believe that a diverse school community is essential to education. We therefore foster and encourage respect for human differences, growth of the individual, and diversity within the school population.

Community Voices

Our SAAS community is full of exciting stories about and opinions of our students, Alums, families and faculty/staff.  Our voices reflect the inspiring impact of SAAS within our school, community and the world at large.  

Photo of Seattle Academy's Dance Faculty Alicia Mullikin in the Seattle Dance Studio

Alicia Mullikin

Arts Dance Faculty

Alicia Mullikin, Seattle Academy dance teacher and choreographer, was recently featured on KCTS9 in an article written by Laila Kazmi. The article discusses Alicia’s attempts to open minds and challenge long-existing stereotypes of who can be a dancer. 

Read Alicia’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy student Sophia Schloss ’21

Sophia Schloss

Class of 2021

Sophia Schloss ’21 stars in the title role of the new film Sadie. The film debuted at the SXSW Film Festival in mid-March and has been receiving raves reviews since then.

Read Sophia’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy graduate Lewis Greenstein '17

Lewis Greenstein 

Class of 2017

Lewis Greenstein ‘17 won the teen category of the Future Engineers Mars Medical Challenge. Lewis first entered the competition in his Upper School Winter Innovations-Prototyping course with David Pynchon. In mid-March, his medical 3D digital Dual IV/Syringe pump object designed for an astronaut to use in space to maintain physical health on a 3-year journey to Mars was selected as a finalist.

Read Lewis’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy's Sam Schimmel '18 in class

Sam Schimmel

Class of 2018

Sam Schimmel ’18, Center for Native American Youth 2017 Champion for Change, hosted an Alaskan Native Youth roundtable discussion during the Alaska Federation of Natives Conference held last week in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Read Sam’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy's Makenzie Caputo '18 running cross country

MacKenzie Caputo

Class of 2018

In cross country, MacKenzie not only set a school record but earned First-Team All-ECL honors and was named ECL Rookie of the Year. She qualified for the state meet, where she broke the school record set by Shayla Maupin ‘10 back in 2008.  Mackenzie’s record time was 19.49.

Read MacKenzie's story

Photo of Seattle Academy's Tess Barton '19

Tess Barton

Class of 2019

Earlier this month, the Center for Infectious Disease Research announced that Seattle Academy junior Tess Barton will be one of just thirty-six applicants selected to participate in their nationally recognized, summer outreach program 2018 BioQuest Academy.

Read Tess’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy Student Sam Zavin '19 during a downhill biking competition

Sam Zivin

Class of 2019

Sam Zivin ’19 was recently featured in the online magazine Northwest in Motion. The profile discusses how Sam’s interest in cycling has grown and his recent accomplishments. 

Read Sam’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy's Charlie Mohn '09

Charlie Mohn

Class of 2009

Charlie Mohn Life At and After SAAS... 

Read Charlie’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy Alumnus Gavi Staloch '18

Gavriel Staloch

Class of 2018

Alumnus, Gavriel Staloch '18 highlighted on Geek Wire as their Geek of the Week as he builds his own brand and a business on Instagram. 

Read Gavriel’s story

Photo of Seattle Academy's Connor Pierce '18

Conner Pierce

Class of 2018

Alumnus, Conner Pierce '18 was named a 2018 US Paralympics Track & Field All American.

Read Conner's story

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Odd Block Schedule - Modified

8:15 - 9:30 AM: Block 1

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11:30 AM - 12:20 PM: Lunch

12:20 - 1:35 PM: Block 5

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Even Block Schedule

8:15 - 9:35 AM: Block 2

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8:30 - 10:00: Block 2 Exam

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1:00 - 2:30: Block 6 Exam

2:30: Dismissal

Redhook Brewery, 714 E Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122

Please join other 8th grade parents for a drink, get to know one another, chat about school, kids, and whatever else is on your mind.

*Look for a sign on the table that says: SAAS

Currently Happening at SAAS

Photo of Seattle Academy Best of SAAS Magazine Volume 18 Cover Page

Welcome to the Best of SAAS magazine. We’re excited to share our Fall 2019 edition showcasing Seattle Academy's 2018-19 school year including student profiles, academic highlights, signature programs, and more!

Photo of Seattle Acacdemy Alumni Sierra Lorenzini '15

My name is Sierra Lorenzini and I graduated from Seattle Academy in 2015, which feels like both a lifetime and a blink of an eye ago. After SAAS, I attended Duke University from which I graduated this past May with a major in Visual and Media Studies, a minor in Computer Science, and a certificate in Information Science.

Photo of Seattle Academy hosts TedX Youth Seattle

On October 27, Seattle Academy enthusiastically hosted the first-ever TEDxYouth event in Seattle. TEDxYouth@Seattle was designed to empower and inspire young people to share ideas worth spreading.  In addition to hosting this event on our campus, we had SAAS alumni, students, faculty, and staff engaged with all aspects of the program.  

Photo of Seattle Academy Middle School Fishing Club

Seattle Academy offers over sixty active student clubs for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Clubs range from informal and internal-facing, to external projects and partnerships with national organizations. The hope is that there is something for every student.