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Photo of Seattle Academy Student Body at All School Meeting in 2022

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are an extension of our mission and values, and allow SAAS students to shape the identity of our community. Learn More

Photo of Seattle Academy Middle School Students Performing at Fall End of Tri

Culture of Performance

Our Culture of Performance fosters collaboration and risk-taking,
and the capacity to confidently navigate change and ambiguity. Learn More

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School Health Psychology Class with Sarah Smith in 2023

College & Life

We value curiosity and innovation, participation and excellence,
and exploration and resolve. Learn More 

Group photo of Seattle Academy Upper School Students in Innovations Class

Inclusive Community

We believe that an inclusive community embraces cultural agility, civic action,
and a broad definition of human potential. Learn More

Photo of Middle School Students with Teacher Collaborating in Class

Know the Kid

Our commitment to know each kid establishes a foundation for healthy relationships
and nurtures mutual respect for each individual’s strengths, challenges, and unique story.  Learn More

Our Mission

Seattle Academy is a dynamic community that challenges students to QUESTION, IMAGINE, AND CREATE in order to CONTRIBUTE boldly to a changing world.


Seattle Academy’s mission of preparing students for college and life means our academics pair traditional areas of study with innovative curriculum, projects, and performances.


Since Seattle Academy was founded, the arts have played a central role in our school’s identity. We believe that every student is intrinsically creative.


Seattle Academy Athletics offers an inclusive, no-cut program that invites students of all skill levels to participate in our team sports offerings. At the same time, we’re just as passionately committed to supporting excellence, fielding teams that operate at the highest level of competition or performance. 

Outdoor & Travel

The Seattle Academy Outdoor & Travel Program provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves both physically and emotionally, to deepen relationships, and to develop a responsible understanding of cultures, people, and the lands through which they travel. 

Community Action

The Seattle Academy Service Learning program helps prepare students to be engaged, reflective, and productive contributors in a changing world. 

Student Experience

Life at Seattle Academy is beyond what happens in the classroom. We are home to a vibrant community of students pushing themselves in areas of interest, trying new things, taking risks, and building meaningful relationships. 

Community Voices

Our SAAS community is comprised of students, alumni, families, faculty and staff with unique backgrounds and stories to tell. Our voices reflect the inspiring impact that SAAS has within our school, community, and the world at large. 

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