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2020 Vietnam Trip Communications


Dear Students and Families,

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have been keeping a watchful eye on Vietnam and over these past few days have met as a team to discuss all the possible outcomes and options for the Vietnam trip.  We have been in communication with other schools, spoke with infectious disease physicians and have had the CDC and WHO as constant tabs on our computer screens. The safety of our students and leaders was and continues to be, at the forefront of our minds. 

As some of you may know, we made the decision a few weeks ago to cancel the school trip to China this spring due to COVID-19 and the eventual travel ban by the CDC.  Currently, the CDC lists Vietnam as; Watch Level 1: Practice Usual Precautions, and no travel restrictions have been put into place. 

We see risk-taking as an integral part of our school culture and what we ask from our students each and every day. As with all our trips, there are a number of “what if’s” we navigate to help gauge risk both in impact/probability and our responsibilities to both students and leaders participating on our trips.  In this particular situation, the risk impact in traveling to a country that borders China, while many unknowns surrounding the coronavirus still exist (both in Vietnam, as well as here in the US) is higher than we are comfortable supporting.  

With all that being considered, we are canceling the Vietnam trip for the spring of 2020.   Given the length of the trip, leader availability, and understanding that we have a group of juniors who will no doubt be interested in participating on the Senior trip next year, postponing the trip does not seem likely, but we will continue to look at options and communicate with you by May 1st.  We know this news will be a disappointment to all involved and hope you understand that this was not a quick or easy decision for us to come to.        

Looking forward, we will suspend payments and trip meetings for the Vietnam trip.  For payments already made, we are currently working through refund options and will reach back out to you with information as soon as possible.

Again, we realize this is not the news you were hoping to receive this morning and appreciate your continued support and trust in our program to make the best decision with the information we have.

Please feel free to reach out, should you have any questions.

In Collaboration,
Erin and Cathy

Erin Aitchison
Director of Safety, Trips & Outdoor Travel

Cathy Schick
Athletic Director