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Seattle Academy is an active participant in the urban community of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. SAAS kids are enriched by the diversity, social engagement, and the real-life experience of navigating through a bustling, evolving neighborhood. Seattle Academy’s location purposely aligns with our mission to prepare kids for college and life.

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Additional Buildings

Seattle Academy's Upper School Humanities Building
Photo of the Seatle Academy Upper School Humanities Building

Located at 1432 15th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122.

Seattle Academy's Madison/First Hill Building
Photo of the front entrance of  Seattle Academy's Madison/First Hill Building

The Seattle Academy Madison/First Hill Building (1001 Boylston Avenue, Seattle WA 98104) is located on the corner of Madison Street and Boylston Ave in Seattle, Washington's First Hill neighborhood. 


Map Points

Arts Center
Gym and Rooftop Play Field
Middle School Building
STREAM Building
Vanderbilt Building