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Seattle Academy provides morning and afternoon bus service in many areas where our students live.  Bus service enables students to arrive safely and ontime to classes, reduces traffic congestion from individual cars on Capitol Hill and relieves the pressure on parking.  We feel it provides a service to our families, makes us better neighbors as we reduce traffic in the area and provides a transportation alternative that reduces our overall carbon impact. Our busses are easily recognized. They are yellow and/or have SEATTLE ACADEMY or HARLOWS on the side.

Photo of Seattle Academy students boarding school buses.

Students may sign up for the morning bus, afternoon bus or both.  A decision can be made by families to opt-in or opt-out of using SAAS bus transportation on a monthly basis. Community Chest is available to help financially support families based on their need.


We will post the route information and payment forms for the 2019-2020 school year in mid-July. 


When we have route delays or other changes, we will text that information to those families signed up for the specific route. Please make sure your correct cell phone numbers are on file with the school. 
Primary contact: Loyal Hanrahan, Transportation Manager
Secondary contact: Mari Anderson, Chief Operating Officer
Billing questions:  Julie Gommi

Pick Up and Drop Off

Please review our preferred drop off and pick up information by clicking on the links below.

Questions? Contact Sheila Hanrahan

Student Driving and Transportation

This information is excerpted from the Seattle Academy Student and Parent Handbook.

Seattle Academy's urban campus and semi-open campus policy require that students exercise maturity,
responsibility, and common sense. Our central location affords easy access by public transportation. However,
we recognize that upper school students may choose to drive their own cars to and from school. It is assumed
that these students and their parents have thoroughly discussed the risks and responsibilities of driving.
Seattle Academy is not responsible for any loss, theft, tickets, damage, or injury that results in connection with
students driving themselves or others.

The following rules apply to student driving:

  1. Student drivers and their families must sign a release acknowledging that students drive to school at their own risk and that the school is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage, or injury resulting from student driving.
  2. Students may drive to and from school and during lunch. Please note: This may result in students driving other students during lunch. The school does not oversee these instances of students driving other students.
  3. Students may not drive between buildings during the time between classes or during class time.
  4. Middle School students are not allowed in cars driven by student drivers during the school day.
  5. Any unusual circumstances which might require a student to go off-campus in a car during the school day, whether as a driver or a rider, must be approved by the Head or Assistant Head of the Middle School via the Middle School Front Desk and/or the Head or Assistant Head of the Upper School via the Vanderbilt Front Desk. Parents will be informed of these instances.


  • Students must have a valid parking pass to use Seattle Academy parking lots.
  • Students must park in their designated spot.
  • Students may lose parking privileges if they violate the rules listed above.


Parking Information

We will post the 2019-2020 parking permit information and forms in mid-July. 

If you have any questions about parking, please contact Sheila Haranahan


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