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Chris Trimis

Titles: Middle School Counselor
Locations: Middle School
Departments: Counseling
Phone Numbers:
School: 206-720-2664
Biography: Chris Trimis is joining the Seattle Academy team as a Middle School Counselor. He began his career working with youth as a music educator after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Washington in 2016. Chris spent the early part of his career teaching K-12 music students at schools in Seattle while also dedicating time to creating, recording and performing music with collaborators around town. Chris’ passion for guiding youth in the development of creativity and emotional expression led to strong connections with his students and developed his interest in supporting their social and emotional growth holistically. He then pivoted into the mental health field, receiving his MA in Child and Adolescent Psychology from the UW in 2021. After receiving training as a practicum student at Seattle Children’s Hospital and as an extern at DBT Eastside, Chris launched his own practice and has been serving youth as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for the past two years. Chris is thrilled to be back in a school setting where he looks forward to collaborating with educators, families, administrators and other support staff as they meet the needs of the SAAS students!