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Erin Schwartz

Titles: Upper School Science Teacher
Locations: Upper School
Departments: Science
Phone Numbers:
School: 206-861-0952
Biography: Erin joined Seattle Academy in 2012 as a Study Skills teacher. During her tenure, she has transitioned to teaching Concept Chemistry and Chemistry full time. Erin grew up in Tennessee and completed her BS in Environment Science at David Lipscomb University and MS in Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She taught several years of Black and White Photography, Political Science, and Economics in Atlanta, GA. She then moved to Seattle with her husband where she taught for four years at Morningside Academy. Throughout her career, she has taught students with a range of learning challenges and enjoys figuring out classroom structures to help all students reach their potential. Erin loves listening to books on organization and habits, researching the science of happiness, meditating, and sharing all of this knowledge with her students.