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Adam MacDonald

Titles: Upper School History Teacher
Locations: Upper School
Departments: History
Phone Numbers:
School: 206-676-6846
Biography: Adam joined Seattle Academy in 2014. Michigander at heart, Adam has spent the majority of the last 25 years living in Seattle, with short detours to Philadelphia and Kalamazoo. Though he has taught all US grades, Adam tends to focus on ninth and twelfth, covering topics such as ancient civilizations, Mediterranean history, global economics, civics, anthropology, and others. Regardless of grade level, you might interact with Adam on SAAS trips, in Model United Nations, as an advisor, searching a bush for a Bewick's wren, or cheering at the top of his lungs at volleyball games. In his free time, Adam can be found rage-watching the news with his adorable Pomeranian, Azuki.