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Our Guiding Principles

At Seattle Academy, our cultural conversation, curriculum, teaching styles, and programs are grounded in the guiding principles of College and Life, Culture of Performance, Inclusive Community and Know the Kid. A student, as an individual, is encouraged and enabled to explore new things and build upon their existing experiences in a collaborative, supportive learning environment.

College and Life

SAAS prepares students for College and Life; we value curiosity and innovation, participation and excellence, and exploration and resolve.

Inclusive Community

We believe that an Inclusive Community embraces cultural agility, civic action, and a broad definition of human potential. 

Culture of Performance

Our Culture of Performance fosters the integration of skills and knowledge, the ability to collaborate and take risks, and the capacity to confidently navigate change and ambiguity. 

Know the Kid

Our commitment to Know the Kid establishes the foundation for healthy relationships and nurtures a mutual respect for each individual's strengths, challenges, and unique story.