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College and Life

Seattle Academy prepares students for College and Life; we value curiosity and innovation, participation and excellence, and exploration and resolve.

SAAS has a robust College Advising program, as a result, typically one hundred percent of Seattle Academy’s applicants gain admission to college. Not only do these colleges include the nation and the world’s most selective, these varied, “best match” colleges reflect the talented, eclectic, and diverse composition of our student body. 

To help prepare our students to become productive contributors in a changing world, we conduct our learning in a Culture of Performance where students demonstrate they can do what they have learned. This includes hands-on Service Learning with personal reflection.

We strive to instill three key principles to encourage our students to become life-long contributors:

  • The service of one individual CAN and DOES impact others. 
  • As a team, together we can make a significant impact.
  • Our approach to serving starts with seeking the community perspective regarding the need. We believe we can best serve by beginning with this show of honor and respect. We understand we cannot enter into a community believing we have all of the answers and know what that community needs. We believe we must listen and engage in a dialogue with community members about their needs to serve effectively.

Alumni Bold Contributors

Photo of Seattle Academy Alumna Nithya Menon '12

Many of the elements that are in our everyday lives are things we each take for granted. We flip the switch on and have lights to help us see, turn on the stove to cook a meal, and crank up the heat to keep us warm on cold days. Where the electricity comes from is something that we generally don’t have to worry about, in fact, it’s often something we overlook in our busy lives.

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Photo of Mt. Bagel and Seattle Academy Alumnus Roan Hartzog '04

Bagels are a notorious food item that many American towns and cities like to claim they are known for. Whether you prefer your bagel smeared thick with cream cheese or topped with loxs, the process behind creating a delicious bagel is not as simple as you might think. Alumnus Roan Hartzog `04 gives us a deep dive into his bagels and his business. 

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Photo of  Zach Santos Ufkes '18 and The Power of Music Article

Music plays such an important and impactful role in each of us, even if we are unaware of it. It has the power to change our moods, increase our motivation, reduce stress, improve our memory, and so much more. One Seattle Academy alumnus is making his mark in the world of music, and it is clear the world is his oyster. 

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Photo of Seattle Academy Visual Arts

Among this year’s new faculty, Seattle Academy welcomes back Francesca Rosati ’15. After SAAS, Francesca attended Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and in 2019, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting with a minor in art history. Francesca went on to complete RISD’s Master of Arts in Teaching. 

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