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Know the Kid

Our commitment to Know the Kid establishes the foundation for healthy relationships and nurtures a mutual respect for each individual's strengths, challenges, and unique story. 

Our Seattle Academy principle to Know the Kid focuses our efforts on understanding each student at the individual level and navigating with them through their SAAS experience.

Mentoring and coaching relationships are purposely flexible and multiple, so that a student may seek and receive guidance from numerous adults at SAAS. Our students have varying interests, capabilities, and learning styles, which make it important that they have a variety of options for building trusting relationships with adults who can partner with them on a particular project or unique challenge.
The SAAS advisors, grade-specific coordinators, counselors and Learning Support teams complement our Faculty and Staff and also engage with students in a tireless pursuit of meeting the kid where they are.
Student talents, whether ones they are born with, are developing, or are newly discovering, are often accelerated by a partnership with adults who are committed to helping shepherd them – through encouragement, persuasion, or strong recommendation – to explore the possibilities within their journey at SAAS.  Knowing the Kid is central to making this happen.