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Participation & Excellence

Seattle Academy’s philosophy of Participation and Excellence is why there are so many examples of graduates who, over the course of their Seattle Academy experience, discovered or reinforced an aptitude or interest that changed the course of their lives.

All too often in school, students fail to even know about the existence of a potential path or passion because they quite simply have not had the opportunity or the encouragement to try something new. SAAS encourages students to take a risk and try new things on their way to discovering new talents.

Practically speaking, Participation and Excellence means that SAAS has a no-cut policy. If a student comes out for a sport, an arts program, or a club, they will not be cut and turned away. 

At the same time, we’re just as passionately committed to supporting excellence, fielding teams that operate at the highest level of competition or performance. SAAS has multiple National, State, Regional and League championships across our athletics and competitive humanities teams and just received highest honors at the Worlds for our competitive Robotics teams. We will have the right team at the right competitive level for everyone.

The embracing of these two opposite extremes creates a truly inclusive program, in which all students have fun and feel invested, feel free to take risks, and are supportive of the passions and talents of their friends and teammates.