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Our Board

Seattle Academy, as a non-profit organization, is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees (“Board”) elected annually. The Board is comprised of current parents, alumni, and alumni parents (25% of whom have worked in K-12 education) who volunteer their time and expertise to serve the school.

As stewards of the school’s mission, they are responsible for establishing the long-term vision, strategic goals, policies, and plans that ensure the school will continue to thrive in order to serve not only the current but future generations of students.

The individual and collective guidance from our Board members over the years has enabled the school to expand its innovative curriculum, attract highly talented faculty and administration, and sustain financial strength in order to support purposeful growth of programs, accessibility, and facilities.

The Board has three main areas of responsibility:
  • Aligned Programs and Policies - The Board adopts the school’s mission, vision, and strategic goals, and supports the Administration in ensuring programs and policies are aligned to reinforce them.  
  • Appointment of the Head of School - The Board appoints and supports the Head of School, who is responsible for all operational aspects of the school. As trusted advisors, the Board fills a variety of leadership roles in support of the Head of School’s goals.
  • Financial Stability - The Board sets the tuition and budget for each year, ensures the preservation of capital assets and endowment, authorizes fund-raising activities, and makes certain that the program operates within its fiscal limits. 

The Board facilitates its work through the use of standing committees, subcommittees, task force groups, and advisory councils composed of trustees and numerous volunteers. Currently, there are seven standing committees:

Standing Committees

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