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Our Board

Seattle Academy, as a non-profit organization, is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees elected annually. The Board is comprised of current and alumni parents and alumni who have chosen Seattle Academy as a place of learning for their families.  They are responsible for governing the SAAS mission of preparing students for college and life while ensuring increased accessibility through financial aid policies for countless others. Members of our Board are asked to contribute their knowledge and expertise from their real-world organizational experiences as well as provide context from a SAAS parental perspective.

The individual and collective guidance from our Board members over the years has enabled the school to expand its progressive curriculum, attract highly talented faculty and administration, and sustain financial strength in order to support purposeful growth of programs, accessibility, and facilities.

The Board has three main areas of responsibility:
  • Policy making - The Board determines the school's objectives and sees that those objectives are appropriately achieved.
  • Finances-The Board sets the budget for each year, authorizes fund-raising activities and makes certain that the program operates within its fiscal limits. The Board is also responsible for the proper management of the endowment fund.
  • Appointment of the Head of School-The Board appoints and supports the Head of School, who is responsible for all operational aspects of the school. As trusted advisors, the Board fills a variety of leadership roles in support of the Head of School’s goals.

Currently there are six standing committees:

  • Finance
  • Facilities
  • Committee on Trustees
  • Executive Committee
  • Investment Committee 
  • Development

In addition, there may be task-forces who take a deep dive into areas that are critical and timely. For example, the Task Force on Equity and Inclusion is currently studying and advising the Board on aspects diversity, equity & inclusion.   
Committees and task-forces are composed of Board members and another seventy or so volunteers, who work together with the administration to achieve the goals and objectives of the school.