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Seattle Academy's Message from the Board Chair Donna Bellew

Donna Bellew, Board Chair 2015-Present

I’m Donna Bellew, the very proud Seattle Academy Board Chair. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure the mission and values of SAAS stay strong and adapt to the changing reality of what it means to be a young adult today and in the future. The Board bears ultimate responsibility for the long-term health and well being of the school.

If in the past year you’ve seen a kid try something new, take a risk in front of an audience or collaborate with others to achieve a result greater than the one they could have achieved on their own, odds are it may have happened at Seattle Academy. These are regular occurrences at SAAS, and fundamental to the mission and philosophy of the school where students are encouraged to engage and be full participants in their education.

Seattle Academy is beyond fortunate to have such a diverse, dynamic and talented parent body. SAAS sits in the heart of a thriving city, and our volunteers reflect the energy and ideas that connect us to this place. Their passion and careful thought both sustains and renews us.

- Donna