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Message from the Head of School

Photo of Seattle Academy's Head of School Rob Phillips

Rob Phillips, Head of School 2018-Present

Our mission leads us to focus daily on the question, “What does this generation need from us today to be ready for tomorrow?” 

Seattle Academy literally sits at a major intersection in one of Seattle’s most vibrant neighborhoods, in a diverse and dynamic city. We are also at moment in time of major social, political, economic and cultural intersections. So we are well placed in our mission to be a catalyst for our students to reach their full potential, and to in turn help their communities reach their potential. 

Our mission leads us to focus daily on the question, “What does this generation need from us today to be ready for tomorrow?” 

The answers we find to those questions are rooted in our core beliefs about teaching and learning, about what it means to be in community, and about the innate potential in all of our students, not just some of them.

And for all the members of our community – past, present and future - it’s a fundamental and fair expectation that we know and can articulate what we care about, what we value, and why we’re optimistic about the future. So here goes!

  • We believe that our students have the capacity to become creative, collaborative problem solvers who navigate ambiguity with agility and confidence.
  • We believe that our community must be honest about the tough, complex issues that come up in the lives of our students, in our own lives as parents and educators, and in our world.
  • We believe that we should value equity, inclusion and community for reasons that are based as much in practical necessity and wisdom as they are ethical and ideological convictions.
  • We believe that it’s both practical and imperative that we recognize and value all of the different combinations of Gifts and Talents that this rising generation can and should bring to the world.

At Seattle Academy, we strive to recognize and amplify the diverse gifts and talents of our students, and to give them the opportunity to develop their innate talents, to build new talents and to discover new talents they never thought they had.

Hopefully, we -  as past, present and future members of the SAAS community -  will together empower a generation of leaders who are willing to dare, who aren’t paralyzed by a fear of failure or limited by  narrow definitions of success, and who can surprise us and themselves in all of the best ways.

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