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Photo of Seattle Academy Alumna A Schenck 18 Trans Athletes Competing in Women’s Sports

“We are student-athletes and we have a responsibility to stand up for trans athletes now and in the future,” says Aliya Schenck, Seattle Academy Class of 2018. 

This was was the sentiment behind the letter and petition that Aliya Schenck, Alana Bojar, and Athlete Ally sent to the NCAA Board and President, signed by 550 collegiate athletes, and calling for the organization to respond to recent bill proposals banning transgender women in sports. 

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Picture of Seattle Academy Student Carmen Spoonemore Book For the Collective

When the pandemic hit, freshman Carmen Spoonemore '25 quietly passed on the sourdough fad and instead used her time to write a book: a full-length novel titled “For the Collective.” 

For the Collective” is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic science fiction book in the Young Adult (YA) category.

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Who Wants to Go to the Moon? Alum Nate Lee ’15 is Building the Vehicle to Make it Happen

When kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, a popular answer since the late 1950s is astronaut. For alumnus Nate Lee ’15, he has been proclaiming his dream of building the space vehicle, rather than being in it, from the time he had an understanding of what an aerospace engineer is. 

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Photo of Seattle Academy student Nate Counts 24 Digital Music Program 2021

Nate Counts ’24 is a rising sophomore who not only dabbles in beat making — he gained recognition from XXL Magazine for a Lil Uzi Vert beat he produced. In the realms of hip-hop and rap music, this is a big deal. Since posting his first beat on YouTube fifteen months ago, Nate has published over 85 beats on his channel, Prod.Nate, gathering over 6.44k subscribers so far.

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Photo of Seattle Academy Mia Pickett Princeton Prize 2021

Seattle Academy created affinity groups in 2019 and we haven’t looked back since. In fact, we can’t imagine SAAS without dedicated spaces for groups who share a common identity and can come together and speak from the “I” perspective.

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