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Byrne '05 to Open Brimstone Boulders Climbing Gym


Eight years ago Seattle Academy alumni, Conor Byrne '05, met Jen Altschul in a Seattle climbing gym. Jen had moved to Hood River in 2007. Since then, she has thought of the Columbia River Gorge as home and the people in it as family. Once Conor joined her there, he grew to feel the same way. 

Both of them believed that the vibrant, active community deserved a space to gather and do something healthy, social, and fun, especially when the weather turns or it gets dark too early for folks to do the outside activities they love. Two years ago, Jen and Conor noticed that a 120-year-old former Methodist church was for sale and decided to create something new that would provide an indoor activity for the community.  

"We love climbing and we believe wholeheartedly in its ability to form strong friendships and facilitate personal growth, but, whether you call yourself a climber or just want a fun way to stay in shape for your passion, hang with your friends this space is for you."

The project is now in the final phase of construction. By mid-December, if all goes as planned, the 4,800-square foot church will be transformed into an indoor rock climbing gym, and Brimstone Boulders will officially open its doors.