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SAAS: 7th Grade Parent/Guardian Meeting Notes

7th Grade Parent/Guardian Meeting Notes

Good morning 7th grade families,

I want to thank those of you who were able to join us for our parents meeting earlier this week. Thank you for your presence and participation. It's truly invaluable to hear from you and engage in those sometimes difficult conversations about our students. 

For those who weren't able to attend, I wanted to provide y'all with some quick bullet points on what was covered. 

  • Advisory time - this daily 30 minute block has been intentionally designed to support our students in multiple different areas. Through our rotating schedule, students will be exposed to different lessons around social emotional learning such as digital citizenship, healthy relationships, the impact of our words and language, and other similar topics. Throughout the week they will also be able to conference one-on-one with teachers for a more personalized approach, create community with their advisory groups, and gather with the 7th grade body whole group for a time of celebration and recognition. 
  • Coordinator roles - our 7th grade coordinators, Ruth Blindermand and Alexander Castanez, are essential pieces to our team. They both play important roles - serving as the first response to behavior concerns, helping plan retreats and field trips, building trusting relationships with students, and a handful of other responsibilities.
  • The adolescent brain and its development - our counseling team shared valuable insight into the mental and social development of middle schoolers. They covered the mental transitions 7th graders are currently undergoing and how these manifest themselves in real time. 

I also wanted to share the Slidedeck that we presented during our meeting. In it, you will see more details on the bullets presented above. 

Lastly, parents who attended engaged in a meaningful conversation around the following statements.

  1. I have a strong understanding of my child's social life in and out of school (friends, dating, relationships, etc.)
  2. I have a strong understanding of what my child does while on their technology (gaming, social media use, texting, etc.)
  3. I have set up limits for my child's technology use such as time restraints, blocking certain websites, etc.
  4. I've had and continue to have conversations with my child about responsible and respectful social media/technology use.
  5. I have a solid understanding of the adolescent brain and its development.

We asked parents to talk amongst themselves on how much they agree or disagree with these statements. The diversity in answers helped us better understand the wide spectrum of knowledge and expectations our students come to school with. We encourage you to think about these statements yourself and in what ways they apply to you and your student. 

Again, thank you to those who were able to attend. And thank you to all parents for your continued support this year. I look forward to continuing that work in order to best support our students and have the best school year possible. 

Ricardo Rivera

7th Grade Dean


7th Grade Slide Deck


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