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SAAS: 10th Grade Retreat: Key Expectations & Reminders

10th Grade Retreat: Key Expectations & Reminders

Dear 10th Grade Students and Families:

We are looking forward to the 10th grade retreat at Camp Colman that begins on Thursday. This retreat will be an opportunity for our students to play, grow, and solidify their identity as the 10th grade class. As we ready for our departure, we want to send some final reminders about behavioral expectations and other key details.


  1. While this retreat is an off-campus experience, the same expectations for student behavior apply as if we were on campus. In particular, we want to reference the school’s drug and alcohol policy as stated in the Family and Student Handbook (pp.38-39): “Students may not possess, use, distribute, or sell drugs or alcohol at or in the vicinity of the school, during school hours, or at school-sponsored activities at any time. Violation of this policy will result in serious consequences which may, at the discretion of the Head of School, include immediate and permanent expulsion from the school.” These expectations apply at all times during the retreat, whether students are in transit, or staying at Camp Colman. Should students make choices that are not in alignment with SAAS Core Values or in breach of our policies, the family will be expected to pick the student up from the trip as soon as possible. We will then engage them in our disciplinary process as we would should something happen on campus.
  2. CELL PHONES: Students should not expect to bring their phones on the retreat as we want to create an environment where students are engaging with their peers rather than their screens. We'd like to ask for parents' help in enforcing this expectation. We anticipate returning to SAAS between 2:00-2:30pm on Friday afternoon, and will communicate any changes to that plan directly to parents, so students will not need their phones to communicate about their return. 


  • Please submit a negative COVID test result here. Students will not be permitted to participate without submitting a negative test. 
  • Please make sure any and all permission forms have been submitted. Parents and Guardians can access them on Magnus here
  • Review the packing list here
  • Students should check in at 8:45 AM (on Thursday, September 29) at the 16th Ave Parking Lot. Students will check in at the tables, then find their advisors.
  • Bring a SACK LUNCH for Thursday.


We thank you for your partnership in helping to prepare students for an excellent experience. 

If you have any questions about trip logistics, please contact Tadhg Scully

For all other questions or concerns, please reach out to Catherine Ezzo (Head of Upper School), Jarad Gifford (Assistant Head of Upper School), or Alisha Agard (9/10 Dean of Students).


Catherine Ezzo

Head of Upper School

Submit 10th Grade COVID Test Results Here


If included all attachments will appear here. Click on thumbnail to view, save and print as needed.