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Information about Fall 2021 Mid-trimester Grades and  Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences


Dear Upper School Students and Families,

Seattle Academy’s commitment to Know the Kid establishes the foundation for healthy relationships and nurtures a mutual respect for each individual’s strengths, challenges, and unique story. In light of this partnership, we are writing to provide information about Fall 2021 mid-trimester grades and upcoming Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences. 

I. Fall 2021 Mid-Trimester Grades

By Wednesday, October 20 at 3:00 PM fall mid-trimester grades will be released via Veracross for students and families to view. Mid-trimester grades function as a snapshot of how a student is engaging with their learning and completing their schoolwork. Though they are not reported on a transcript or reported to colleges, mid-trimester grades serve as indicators of student progress and occur at a time in our academic calendar where there is still ample room for growth and improvement in advance of the final fall marking period which closes on November 23. 

Mid-trimester grades are issued in the form of letter grades (A-F) according to our 4.0 grading policy which can be found in our curriculum guide. A failing grade of “F” is reserved for those students who have not demonstrated understanding of course material given an adequate number of assignments completed. 

Those students currently struggling to complete schoolwork in the Upper School will be issued a grade of “No Credit” (NC) to indicate that they have not completed enough work at the mid-trimester mark for a teacher to accurately assess their understanding of material. 

Grades of “Incomplete” (INC) in the Upper School are reserved for final grades at the end of the marking period only. Students assigned an “Incomplete” as a final trimester grade will be given opportunities to finish course material for a letter grade and/or a pass credit. 

Information about Upper School Parent/Guardian Conferences

The primary aim of the parent/guardian conference is for families to reflect on a student’s academic progress as well as their social and emotional well being. Conferences are an opportunity to paint a fuller picture of student development, identifying bright spots in addition to those areas where growth is needed. 

The conference relies on the partnership between advisors, teachers, and families to support student learning and deepen collective understanding of where a student is in their scholastic and personal growth. Conferences in 9th grade may also include one other faculty member or administrator who teaches or knows the student and can provide insight into their progress. 

Information about Upper School Parent/Guardian Conferences:

  • Parent/Guardian conferences are required for all 9th grade students and optional for 10-12th grade students. 
  • Conferences are twenty minutes in duration and will take place via Zoom or phone call. 
  • Each 9th grade advisor will reach out to families to schedule a conference according to their availability. You should expect to hear from advisors during the week of October 25, 2021. 
  • Any 10-12th grade family requesting a Parent/Guardian conference can do so by reaching out directly to their student’s advisor. 

During the conference families should expect to:

  • Hear directly from their student as they reflect on the Fall trimester;
  • Gain and share perspectives and insight into their student’s learning; 
  • Develop an understanding of how skills are developing across disciplines; 
  • Generate short and long term goals to meet their student’s needs;
  • Review examples of student work;
  • Receive information about available support mechanisms.

During the conference, families should not expect to engage in a detailed conversation about their student’s letter grades in courses. Teachers will still be in the process of assessing work and final fall grades will be submitted on December 3. 

If you have any questions about Upper School conferences please contact Head of Upper School, Catherine Ezzo.

Thank you!



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