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Family Association: A note from the Holiday Gift Basket Committee

Dear SAAS Families,

It is a long-standing, voluntary holiday tradition for SAAS students and their families to provide a seasonal gift basket for every employee of our great school! The tradition started when the Family Association realized that teacher gifts were leaving out essential support staff, and that teachers with larger classes typically received lots of gifts, while teachers with smaller classes might not. Holiday gift-giving had somehow become less joyful and sadly more competitive. Since then, every year the generous families of SAAS have pooled their money and resources into making joy-filled and equalized baskets for all employees.

This year, we will be creating 325 gift baskets with gifts purchased from and Precept Wine, among other fun items. To ensure that each member receives a basket before the winter break (just three weeks away), we are asking for financial contributions to be collected by December 13. 

All donated funds will go directly to the holiday baskets for staff and faculty. Monetary donations can be made in one of three ways:

One last tidbit: please know that the holiday gift basket tradition is completely voluntary and a simple gesture of appreciation from our families to our school employees. Unlike other educational donations, this donation is not tax-deductible as it will not be applied toward school operations. We cannot give you a receipt for your taxes.

In closing, we thank you so much for your support! We know that the staff loves and appreciates gifts from the families, and we know that our generosity builds goodwill throughout the school year. In that spirit, may your family have a joyful holiday season!

Happy Holidays,

Julie Nicholls, Julie Bishop, Desiree Suh, and Lauren Haley

2021 Holiday Gift Basket Committee


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