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SAAS: Important COVID-19 Testing Information from Safety & Athletics

In an effort to more safely continue high-risk athletics and designated performing arts programs, SAAS has provided on-site testing for students, typically three times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Completion of the thrice-weekly testing is required for student participation in practices, rehearsals, competitions, performances and designated field trips and overnight events. 

Students who test positive for COVID-19 do not need to present a negative test result prior to returning to school. However, students participating in high-risk athletics and designated performing arts programs must present a negative test result prior to returning to these activities. This will be established using a rapid antigen test, as PCR tests continue to show positive status for 60 days or longer beyond recovery.  

If a student participant misses a SAAS testing date, they must provide photographic evidence of their own negative rapid test prior to taking part in practices, competitions, trips, or performances by emailing If that’s not possible, they will need to wait until they complete the next SAAS sponsored test, which unfortunately may result in them missing an event.

At this time, Seattle Academy does not require athletes or arts performers to have medical clearance to return to their activity after recovering from COVID-19. However, students who have tested positive are encouraged to seek appropriate medical consultation from their health care providers based on the particular severity of the COVID-19 exposure and individual health circumstances involving each student and their family.

SAAS will continue to offer COVID-19 testing throughout the Winter Tri through a combination of PCR testing events administered through Remote Medical International and analyzed by Altius Biomedical, plus a new rapid test offering. This combination of testing options is intended to provide the required COVID-19 testing to athletes, performers, attendees of trips and retreats, and others.

SAAS is working with the Return to Learn program to provide rapid testing. Here is information about the rapid testing program:  

  1. The COVID-19 rapid testing program is being conducted through a rapid antigen test provided by the Return to Learn program. The rapid tests provided will be either Abbott Laboratory’s BinaxNOW or AccessBio’s CareStart. The BinaxNOW Fact Sheet for Patients and CareStart Fact Sheet for Patients are available to read by following the links.
  2. SAAS’s ability to provide testing is limited by the availability of test supplies.
  3. SAAS personnel (either employed or contracted) will observe students and faculty/staff taking the rapid tests but are not acting as the medical providers for those being tested. 
  4. Testing does not replace treatment by a medical provider and families must assume complete and full responsibility to take appropriate action with regard to the test results, including seeking medical advice, care, and treatment from a medical provider or other health care entity. If the student develops symptoms of COVID-19, or the student's condition worsens, questions or concerns should be directed to the student’s health care provider.
  5. There is the potential for a false positive or false negative COVID-19 test result. It is the family’s responsibility to inform the student’s health care provider of a positive test result; SAAS will not contact the student’s health care provider with test results.
  6. Rapid antigen test results will take a minimum of 15-30 minutes. 
  7. A positive antigen test result is an indication that the student needs to self-isolate to avoid infecting others, following currently published protocols.
  8. IMPORTANT: As a result of receiving this notice, parents have been informed of the test purpose, procedures, and potential risks and benefits and consent to and understand that rapid testing will be administered to students as deemed necessary.  
  9. IMPORTANT: If parents do not wish to have their student participate in a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test, they may decline the test by contacting However, if they decline the test, the student will not be allowed to participate in high-risk activities. 
  10. Test results will be disclosed to the appropriate public health authorities, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, as otherwise permitted or required by law. 

If you have any questions, please contact Safety or Athletics at any time. 

Thank you! 


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