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ACT Theatre Honors Seattle Academy Student Playwrights

Seattle Academy's Max Shethar '20 honor by ACT Theatre Young Playwights

Max Shethar '20 (far right) receiving the Young Playwrights Festival recognition at ACT Theatre.

ACT Theatre, located in downtown Seattle, has just announced that it will produce a play written by Max Shethar '20 at the Young Playwrights Festival this spring!

For the past few months, Ms. Buikema’s class has been participating in the Young Playwrights Program (YPP) with ACT Theatre. Students in this class wrote plays with the help of professional playwright Kendall Uyeji. These plays were then entered into a playwriting competition held by ACT Theatre, which selects eight plays from schools across the city for the Young Playwrights Festival each spring.

On Monday, December 16, at the YPP Celebration, ACT Theatre announced that Max’s play, One Screw Loose, has been selected out of 326 plays submitted by students in eleven different schools.

One Screw Loose will be presented by a professional team of local directors and actors at the Young Playwrights Festival, which will be held April 2-4 at ACT Theatre.

Congratulations to Max for winning top honors at ACT Theatre.

Theo Springer '20 and Angela Zapata '20 were also recognized at the YPP Celebration with Honorable Mentions.

For more information about YPP and the Young Playwrights Festival performance schedule, visit

Congratulations to all of Seattle Academy's outstanding, young playwrights.

Photo of the 2020 ACT Theatre Young Playwright Poster