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Middle School Robotics Club Embracing a Season of Change and Growth

Photo of Seattle Academy 2019 Middle School Robotics Club

The Seattle Academy Middle School Robotics Club is having a season of change and growth! The club is the largest it has ever been with over thirty students and is now competing in a league known as First Tech Challenge (FTC).

On Sunday, November 3, Seattle Academy hosted the first tournament of the year for the FTC league! The SAAS Middle School Robotics Club competed against all high school teams and found success in many rounds. The team's coders created a great autonomous program, so the robot scored points without a remote control. During the driving portion of the competition, the team created a chassis and drive system that could move the scoring elements. The mechanical and software engineering was outstanding for a team in a new robotics league.

Congratulations to the Middle School Robotics Club for success in their first tournament and for building a competitive robot!