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Seattle Academy Students Engage in a Kitchen Chemistry Lab

Photo of Seattle Academy Remote Learning 2020 Kitchen Chemistry Lab with Shelley K.

During a time of remote learning, our Seattle Academy 10th grade chemistry students have delved into the complexity of Acid-Base Chemistry, investigating questions about wastewater pollution from factories on our local Duwamish River. The challenge of the unit is to explore methods to make some non-neutral factory wastewater safe enough for release into a local waterway.  

In light of COVID-19 this year, the normal in-class experiments with beakers, pH meters, and burets have been replaced with a kitchen chemistry lab using red cabbage juice as a pH indicator. 

Photo of Seattle Academy Remote Learning 2020 Kitchen Chemistry

Students in Shelley Kunasek's online class show off the brilliant color changes (pictured above) as their cabbage juice is mixed with vinegar, baking soda, or other household acids and bases. Coming soon... their mission to take matters into their own hands and alter the pH themselves!

Enjoy some highlights from the kitchen chemistry lab below: 

Once again, take that, COVID-19!