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Announcing Aaron Strauss '03 Seattle Academy's Next Alumni Board President 

Photo of Seattle Academy Alumni Aaron Strauss and Samantha Casne at their wedding

Above: Aaron Strauss '03 and Samantha Casne '01 at their wedding in August 2018

Seattle Academy and the Alumni Program are excited to announce Aaron Strauss ‘03 as Seattle Academy's next Alumni Board President. Aaron has been a committed member of the Alumni Board since July 2017. 

Aaron is currently a Vendor Support Manager with Amazon, where he helped build and now leads the team managing key vendor relationships. After graduating from SAAS, Aaron attended culinary school and worked in the restaurant and catering industry, before opening his own full-service catering company, Bold Catering. He then led operations for Lish, a food delivery startup partnering with local chefs and restaurants. 

This summer, Aaron Strauss ’03 and Samantha Casne (’01) got married and celebrated their honeymoon traveling through Europe. Samantha works for the Washington Education Association and is the President of the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington. Aaron has Samantha to thank for inspiring him to join the SAAS Alumni Board.

We are so appreciative and excited for Aaron’s commitment to SAAS.

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