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Cordy '03 Visits Senior Class at Seattle Academy

 Above: Tyler Cordy '03 speaking to the Class of 2019

Tyler Cordy ‘03 visited Seattle Academy at the end of March and spoke to the graduating class of 2019 in Rick Dupree’s Senior Project Class. Tyler shared his story and journey of his professional career in the music industry.

Since he was 12 years old, Tyler has been making beats. Lauri Conner was one of the few adults that helped Tyler materialize what he wanted to do. Tyler shared with the senior class, “It was difficult because Conner made me take it seriously. Outside of regular homework, she gave me extra work, asked me to create songs, and bring them into class to share.” Conner guided Tyler to take on more responsibility, a SAAS core value. Tyler realized if he wanted to make this a professional career, he was going to have to take himself seriously and put in the hard work to succeed in the music industry. 

Tyler attended UC Santa Cruz for a “hot minute” but instead of going to class was spending all his time making beats in his dorm room. He left Santa Cruz with one of his fellow classmates and moved into an apartment in East Hollywood – spending his time, passing out flyers, booking small gigs, and after a while started to build a following for their band 2AM Club.

“I needed to convince them to take me seriously, by taking myself seriously”.

Tyler's band had a connection to The Talking Heads and they let him create a few demos for fun in their studio. This led to phone calls from record companies and fast forward to Tyler signing with RCA Records in New York City. He was appearing on television events and radio talk shows. After a five year run, 2AM Club was dropped by the label, and Tyler had to re-create and re-identify his music.

Today, Tyler lives in Brooklyn, NYC, with his fiance and is making music for the first time as a fully independent artist. On March 27, 2019, Tyler dropped his newest single, “Antidote,” which you can check out on Spotify/Apple.   



Out now. Link in bio 💉💉💉

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