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Guy Hutchison '90 Profile 

Guy Hutchison '90

Guy went to Santa Clara University, graduating with a Computer Science Engineering Degree in 1994. 

After Santa Clara, Guy's first job was working for Tandem Computers, where he learned semiconductor design. Since then, Guy has been in the same field at Synopsys, Cisco, D5 Networks (first startup), Marvell Semiconductor, Xpliant (second startup), Cavium Networks, and (third startup). The companies have varied in size from two people (D5) to over 60,000 people (Cisco), which has given him exposure to many different work cultures. Most of Guy’s work has been with local design teams. Guy has also worked with and visited engineering sites in England, India, and Israel.

While working at Marvell Semiconductor, Guy met his wife, Joahnna. Just before getting married, Guy cultivated a new talent when he earned his pilot's license and they spent their month-long honeymoon flying from California to New York and back. Along the way, they stopped to visit people and places across the country. He shared, "Our flying road trip gave us an appreciation and new perspective on how varied (and how vast) our nation is. We now have three children and are busy shepherding them through school and activities." 

"SAAS was excellent preparation for my career both as an engineer and an entrepreneur."

Guy continued to share how SAAS' culture of performance influenced his professional endeavors, "SAAS was excellent preparation for my career both as an engineer and an entrepreneur, as it taught me many skills which would come in useful later on. My college engineering degree was very focused, and the courses I took in SAAS gave me a much broader base to work on. In particular, Melinda's classes in speech and debate were good preparation for public speaking, as were participating in the school plays."

Today, Guy is the Chief Technology Officer of a startup called, designing chips for next-generation autonomous vehicles. Guy’s role as CTO is to create product definitions, communicate the features and value of those products to our customers, and to lead our internal engineering team in building those products.  Guy shared he enjoys his role because "it encompasses such a wide variety of problems and challenges.” 

At this point, Guy is comfortable in his role as a technologist and a technical leader.  Ten years from now he will likely be in a technical leadership position, or perhaps in a role where he can advise and assist other entrepreneurs as they create their own companies.

Photo of Seattle Academy Guy Hutchison '90 and spouse, Joahanna

Guy '90 and his spouse, Joahnna in Scotland

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