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Liddell '11 Speaks to SAAS Students on Why "Tech Needs You" 

Photo of Seattle Academy Alumna, Rachel Liddel '11 speaking at SAAS about tech

Above: Rachel Liddell '11  

On May 30, Rachel Liddell '11 invested her time at Seattle Academy by sharing her experiences in the liberal arts and professional experience working in tech. Rachel shared how she went from being Speech Team Captain, to an English Major, and is now living in San Francisco, California, and working at IBM Watson.

While at SAAS, Rachel loved everything - studying English with Alison Ray, science with Peter Clark, physics, chemistry, history, and more. After graduating, Rachel went on to attend Middlebury College in Vermont and studied literature, art history, and sociology, earning a BA in Literary Studies.

Go back to your high school and give a talk on the role of technology in different professions. -Shingai Manjengwa

Rachel recently met a woman named Shingai Manjengwa at an IBM conference called THINK. Shingai spoke about the importance of representation in data and in leadership. In her closing remarks, she gave the audience a very specific task - go back to your high school and give a talk on the role of technology in different professions

"The intention is to motivate people, maybe people who would not usually enter tech, to consider it. And we need those people." Rachel spoke about representation in the tech industry and how important technology is in all professions.

Rachel is currently a product manager at IBM Watson and has stayed in tech, specifically artificial intelligence, because it’s challenging and influential. 

Thank you, Rachel! 


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