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Middle School Combo Performs at Bellevue College Jazz Festival

Photo of Seattle Academy 2019 Middle School Combo at the Bellevue Jazz Festival

On February 1, 2019, the Seattle Academy Middle School Combo performed at The 23rd Annual Bellevue College Jazz Band Festival. They performed three pieces, opening with "Catchin' the 'Trane" that featured solos by Cal Lundin '23 (vibes), Jamie Williams '23 (trumpet), and DaoMing Chau '23 (tenor). Their second piece, "Ballad For Zoe" featured Cal Lundin '23 and Peter Ratzlaff '23 (tenor). Their set finished with the up-tempo "Hotsy Totsy" again featuring Cal Lundin '23 (drums) and Peter Ratzlaff '23.

Post-performance the combo received a clinic with Dr. Vanessa Sielert, Director of the Lionel Hampton School of Music and Educational Director of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Dr. Sielert had a talent for pinpointing specific areas to work on while including the whole combo in a way that they all participated and learned.

After the clinic, the combo watched and listened to other bands and attended the festival masterclass with world-renowned trumpeter Ashlin Parker. What a phenomenal day of music!