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Seattle Academy Beginning Visual Arts Students Explore Creativity in Nature

Photo of Seattle Academy Beginning Visual Arts Fall 2020 Student Projects

Project Art Credit: Gunnison Sweeney '24 and Hugo Mestres '24 

This fall, Amanda Amsel’s Upper School Beginning Visual Arts class completed an assignment inspired by nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy. A sculptor and photographer, Goldsworthy builds art installations solely from natural elements like rocks, leaves, ice, and branches. He then photographs his creations documenting their ephemeral qualities recognizing transience in nature and life.

With this assignment, students got off Zoom and outside! After an introduction to Goldsworthy’s work, students ventured outdoors to collect natural materials. Next, they created thumb-nail sketches and plans to execute their pieces. Using elements of art and principles of design, students created sculptures along the lines of Goldsworthy’s work. 

Through this assignment, students learned to see the world differently and to think creatively about elements of nature. Goldsworthy’s art being ephemeral, meaning temporary, also taught students to let go of perfection and to make art for art’s sake. They loved this project, the chance to get outside, and to work with nature!

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