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Seattle Academy Earns 4th Place in State Photography Competition

View the Second Place Architecture Photo from the Washington State High School Photography Competition
Aaron Greenstein '19 - Second Place in Architecture

Seattle Academy photography students earned a fourth place finish in the Washington State High School Photography Competition. The top thirty-three images were chosen out of 3,506 submissions from 1,528 students across the state. SAAS students earned six spots in the top thirty-three including:

  • Aaron Greenstein '19, Second Place, Architecture
  • Lucia Rosenast '19, Third Place, Traditional Black & White
  • Lucia Rosenast '19, Fourth Place, Traditional Black & White
  • Emerson Richmond-Burke '19, Fifth Place, Portrait
  • Elena Zytnicki '20, Sixth Place, Architecture
  • Chloe Darrow '19, Sixth Place, Animal

Six students received a Finalist Ribbon, which means their work was in the top eighteen in each category:

  • Julian Allchin '21
  • Chloe Darrow '19
  • Mia Hejlsberg '21
  • Alaina Neuburger '19 (two images selected)
  • Elena Zytnicki '20

An additional thirteen students received Select Ribbons for their photos. This placed them in the top ten percent of each category. They included: 

  • Aaron Greenstein '19 (two images selected)
  • Leila Guilhemotonia '19
  • Ella Kodjababian '19 (two images selected)
  • Aminta Malcolm '21
  • Sam Moffitt '20 (two images selected)
  • Emerson Richmond-Burke '19
  • Lucia Rosenast '19
  • Oliva Shaw '20
  • Max Torres '20
  • Adrian Valentine '19 (two images selected)

There will be an awards ceremony held on Thursday, June 6, from 7-9 PM at Wallingford Frame Central (305 NE 45th Street). Announcements start at 8 PM. The ceremony is open to everyone. The first through third place images will be professionally framed and displayed and the top ten schools will receive a certificate at the ceremony. 

View the 6th Place Photo in Animal from the 2019 WA State High School Photography Competition
Chloe Darrow '19 - Sixth Place in Animal
View the 6th Place Photo in Architecture from the 2019 WA State High School Photography Competition
Elena Zytnicki - 6th Place in Architecture

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