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Seattle Academy Students
Featured on KEXP

Photo of Seattle Academy Sharing The Stage Band KEXP in Garage

Strange Summer band members Henry Roseman ’22 (left), and Calvin Lundin ’23 (right) 

They met in SAAS classrooms and two short years later, three Seattle Academy students aired on KEXP: Delphine Casper ’22, Henry Roseman ’22, and Calvin Lundin ’23. Their up-and-coming bands, Delphine Elliott (composed of Delphine, Henry, and Calvin) and Strange Summer (composed of Henry and Calvin), have certainly broken into the Seattle music scene with prowess. How these two groups came to be on KEXP’s Northwest Music Show “Audioasis” is as wonderfully organic as the sounds they produce. The key ingredient was social media — an added confirmation that networking pays off in dividends. 

Delphine ran into Kennady Quille, a young DJ who works at KEXP, in a thrift shop in the University District (so very Seattle, yes). They struck up a conversation about Delphine’s band, and when DJ Kennady Quille posted on social media calling artists to her show “Audioasis,” Delphine responded and was recognized. Her song “Alright” aired the next session. 

Similarly, Calvin follows Kennady Quille on social media and when he saw her post he sent the following message: “Yo, this is our band. If you played this I would cry.” Lo and behold, the DM was all that was necessary to instill interest and a subsequent tag that led to their song “Lobster Bite” appearing on the show on April 24th. 

Since then, both Delphine Elliott and Strange Summer have been getting consistent streams and increased stats. “It is so cool to get that positive support as such a young artist,” says Calvin, band member to both groups, who also notes the high number of comments they have received from folks.

Photo of Seattle Academy Sharing the Stage Band KEXP

Delphine Casper ’22

Meet the Bands

Both Calvin (drums) and Henry (piano) are members of Jazz Ensemble. They learned their musical foundation here at SAAS and it inspired them to see what they could do with jazz. When they started their band Strange Summer in early 2020, they saw it as “a free space: no one can tell us it is not traditional enough,” says Calvin and Henry. Their music is a jazz fusion, as they describe it. “We like to experiment...we put strange summer sauce on it,” they explain, chuckling. It is endearing to look back on their journey from Middle School to now. “We met in Middle School Jazz Combo. If we hadn’t been introduced, we may not have been into [jazz] and gotten here.” 

Delphine (singer, songwriter, guitar) is a member of The Onions and made a point to mention how supportive the group was upon hearing her song on KEXP. “That is one of the things that drew me to SAAS. That is one thing that stood out above everything: the music community and the feel of everyone supporting each other... The Onions is such an amazing community of talented, committed musicians. To be with other people who care so much about music means a lot,” says Delphine. Delphine has been part of the Seattle Music Group Songwriters Lab and attributes this, along with SAAS, as leading the path to collaborative songwriting. She was also recently accepted into the NYU Summer Songwriters Workshop

The SAAS community as a whole played a big part in the musical adventures of these two bands. Part of it is the Culture of Performance built into Seattle Academy’s Guiding Principles. “I do genuinely think that everyone, no matter how, has to perform. So they understand that feeling, and they are supporting of that. They get it. Even if they are not musicians, they get what it is like to be vulnerable,” says Calvin.  

Both Calvin and Delphine are also active in the Sharing the Stage program at SAAS, a program founded and supported for the past eleven years by one of our Deans of faculty Fred Strong. Fred has connections with several local bands and he has used these connections to arrange for student openers at Seattle concerts. Bands such as Tacocat and Lisa Prank have participated. It started as a performance concert series, and from there Calvin and Delphine spun off to co-create a Sharing the Stage club with weekly music prompts. 

“Fred has played such a big role in my development as a musician,” reflects Calvin. “It is really cool how much he loves the Seattle music scene and believes in us and our music as young artists. We love Fred, he is amazing.” 

“He has come to every one of our backyard shows. He has been so supportive,” adds Delphine. 

And Henry agrees: “one of the things that is really great is that he is actually excited to hear our music. He volunteers us. He puts us out [there] for things that we may not think of.” 

Henry also has an original musical included in the 5th Avenue Theater’s Rising Star Radioactive Musicals Project that performed on May 21 & 22. It was his second year working with the program that takes KUOW youth journalism stories and adapts them into musicals. Henry started writing his first musical in the 6th grade while at SAAS, and this was his second musical to be produced. “Every project in school that I had the opportunity to do, I made into a short musical,” comments Henry. “Senior year there is the possibility to take the playwriting class, and I plan to take it.” 

To appear on KEXP a young musician is a notable endeavor. To support their music, visit their websites below. And to all those wondering, yes, they do sing in the car and in the shower. 

Delphine Elliott | Linktree @strangesummer | Linktree

Watch the band Delphine Elliott perform at our 2021 SAAS in the City Event