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Seattle Academy Students win State Arts Awards

Photo of Seattle Academy Student Art Portfolio Lucia Rosenast

Lucia Rosenast '19 

The Seattle Academy Arts Department is excited to share the results of this year's Scholastics Art and Writing Awards! In all, Seattle Academy students were awarded a total of 82 awards. It is a huge accomplishment for young artists, and a testament to their dedication and creativity. 

  • 17 Students received 37 GOLD Awards
  • 18 students received 26 SILVER Awards
  • 19 students received honorable mentions.

The Gold and Silver award winning works will be on display at Cornish College of the Arts, Main Gallery. The Gallery show will be March 13 - 16, 2019

You are invited to the Closing Reception and Award Presentation: 

Saturday, March 16 at 3:00 pm. (open to the public)

President's Gallery
Cornish College of the Arts Main Campus Center
1000 Lenora Street
Seattle, WA 98121

The Gold Award winning works have gone on to judging at the National Level, winners will be announced in March and celebrated at Carnegie Hall in June. stay tuned!

Scholastics Awards Washington State 2019


McKenzie Roberts

Photography: Glowing Marlee
Photography: Indigo

Alaina Neuburger

Photography: Asher

Lucia Rosenast

Art Portfolio: Tenderness
Photography: Pairs
Painting: Jayden
Photography: Opposites
Mixed Media: Blurred yarn
Photography: Friendship
Photography: Not His Birthday

Sam Moffitt

Photography: Sculpture Park

Adrian Valentine

Art Portfolio: Culture
Photography: Dream
Photography: Market Place
Photography: Untitled
Photography: Untitled

Leila Guilhemontonia

Photography: Air Stream

Aaron Greenstein

Photography: Fading Dreams

Sophia Escalona

Art Portfolio: There's something out there
Photography: Look!

Alex Tanemura

Photography: Tennis Court

Ella Kodjababian

Photography: Winter Flowers

Emerson Richmond-Burke

Art Portfolio: People of vietnam
Photography: boy
Photography: pray
Photography: friend
Photography: lonley
Photography: girl in water

Nora Chapman

Drawing and Painting: Charcoal Self-Portrait

Kameryn Batingan

Painting: Setting

Painting: Morph

Carmen Oldham

Painting: Self Portrait

Mixed Media: Reflecting

Rusha Bartlett

Comic Art, The River

Drawing and Illustration: Touch

McKinlay Daggatt,

Drawing and Illustration: Stills

Sofia Vladimir

Drawing and illustration: “Self Portrait” 



Aaron Greenstein

Photography: The Mighty Apple
Photography: Water Man
Photography: The Core

Leila Guilhemotonia

Photography: Eye

Ella Gonchar

Photography: Broken Road

Adrian Valentine

Photography, Past and Future
Photography: Autumn River 

Sophia Escalona,

Photography: Why, there are pom poms on your eyes!

Elena Zytnicki

Photography: Green Eyes
Photography: Giving and Taking

Emerson Richmond-Burke

Photography: bathroom sink
Photography: old lady

Ella Kodjababian

Photography: Armenian Market Finds

Chloe Darrow

Photography: Burkwood Farms

Olivia Forslund

Photography: Life Before the Forbidden Fruit

Alaina Neuburger

Photography: Untitled

McKenzie Roberts,

Photography: Honey

Nora Chapman

Art: Nora/Luna

Brandon Burke

Art: Broken

Eli Richmond

Pastel: Self-Portrait

McKinlay Daggatt

Art: Alex 

Elli Hebert,

Art: Cynefin 

Lucia Rosenast

Art: Lightness of Being
Mixed Media:  Mom's Center
Photography: Limbs
Ceramics & Glass: Box of Trolls


Honorable Mentions:

Emerson Richmond-Burke, Honorable Mention: Photography, TukTuk

Sam Moffit, Honorable Mention:

Photography, Under Chambers Street
Photography, Untitled

Alaina Neuburger, Honorable Mention: Photography, Untitled

Elena Zytnicki, Honorable Mention: Photography, Prayer Chair

Rusha Bartlett Honorable Mention:

Art Portfolio: Intimacy

Drawing and Illustration: The Space

McKenzie Roberts, Honorable Mention:

Photography, bathoflilys
Photography, Floating Abi
Photography, Angel

Lucia Rosenast

Honorable Mention, Photography: My Butterfly

Ceramic And Glass: Troll

Ella Kodjababian, Honorable Mention:

Photography, Two Strong Women
Photography, Glowing Lily Pads
Photography, Roadside Auto Repair Shop

Leila Guilhemotonia, Honorable Mention

Photography, Hermit Crab
Photography, Glass

Olivia Forslund, Honorable Mention:

Photography: Futuristic

Photography: Nest

Alex Tanemura, Honorable Mention: Photography: Untitled

Aaron Greenstein, Honorable Mention:

Photography: Out of this World
Photography: z
Photography: Spotlight
Photography: "Save Me"

Chloe Darrow, Honorable Mention: Photography: CTF Impromptu  

Lucy Waggoner, Honorable Mention:

Photography, Street Violinist in Pike Place Market
Photography, Ballard by the Bridge

Nora Chapman Honorable Mention:

Painting: Summer on Lake Washington

Drawing and Illustration: Rainy Day

Carmen Oldham Honorable Mention: Mixed Media: The Conversation

Sophia Escalona Honorable Mention: Photography: Cedar Grove Doesn't Come Here

Adam Bishop: Honorable mention: Painting: “Still Life with Fish in Bottles"

Lucy Waggoner, Honorable mention: Poetry: “On Being a Parent”