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Seattle Academy Students Win Regional Arts Awards

Seattle Academy AlexTanemura_Trash

Alex Tanemura '20

The Seattle Academy Arts Department is excited to share the results of this year's Scholastics Art and Writing Awards! In all, Seattle Academy students were awarded a total of 23 awards. It is a huge accomplishment for young artists, and a testament to their dedication and creativity. 

  • 3 Students received 3 GOLD Awards
  • 7 students received 11 SILVER Awards
  • 9 students received honorable mentions.

The Gold Award winning works have gone on to judging at the National Level, winners will be announced in March and celebrated at Carnegie Hall in June. Stay tuned!

Scholastics Awards Western Regionals 2020


  • Alex Tanemura '20: Photography “Trash
  • Elena Zytnicki '20: Photography, “Tea and Honey”
  • Lucy Waggoner '20: Poetry, “A Hundred Years of Silent Struggle”


  • Ella Gonchar '21: Ceramics and Glass
  • Margaux Johnstone '21:  Photography
  • Audrey Lamey '20: Photography
  • Ingrid Odmark '20: Photography
  • Alex Tanemura '20: Photography (3 Silver Awards) Photography Portfolio
  • Elena Zytnicki '20: Photography (2 Silver Awards)
  • Cami Herbert '20: Ceramics & Glass, Silver Key

Honorable Mentions:

  • Chaz Flynn III '21, Photography
  • Mia Hejlsberg '21, Photography
  • Audrey Lamey '20, Photography
  • Ariana Rastani '20, Photography
  • Alex Tanemura '20, Photography
  • Lucy Waggoner '20, Photography
  • Elena Zytnicki '20, Photography, 2 Honorable Mention Awards
  • Ethan Lin '22, Drawing & Illustration, Honorable Mention
  • Atticus Biggins '22, Drawing & Illustration, Honorable Mention 
Seattle Academy Elena Zytnicki

Elena Zytnicki '20

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