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First Ever Academic State Championship Awarded to SAAS Girls Varsity Volleyball and Soccer Teams

Photo of Seattle Academy Girls Varsity Soccer 1A WIAA State Academic Champions Team Photo
Photo of Seattle Academy Girls Varsity Volleyball 1A WIAA State Academic Champions Team Photo

For the first time in Seattle Academy history, the girls soccer and the girls volleyball team both won the 1A Academic State Championship. The WIAA Academic Award is a scholastic award granted to each team with the highest average GPA in their classification. 

This is the first year that the Upper School Girls Varsity Volleyball team has ever won this award. 

It is also the first time the Upper School Girls Varsity Soccer team has ever won. 

As a school — we are more than proud of these two teams. These awards not only reflect on the incredible talent shown on the field and on the court — they are awards that demand the full support of teachers and our school community to ensure these players exceed expectations in the classroom, as well. 

Meghan Fox, Head Coach of the varsity volleyball team, said, “Their dedication to academics is really impressive and the support they have for one another off the court is what makes our team chemistry unmatched.”

The untold story behind these Academic awards is how these student-athletes balance the demands of practice and games, with homework, school participation, GPAs — and being human, they have to sleep! Many student-athletes play on multiple teams, participate in clubs, and attend traditional SAAS events like Fall Mania and grade-level retreats. 

As a school, and really as a community, our goal is to understand the breadth of demands placed on each student, and the scope of their responsibilities, to ensure we are providing the best support for them to meet all of their responsibilities. This is part of Know the Kid and part of our Culture of Performance

We challenge students to try new things and participate in areas of interest, and even further, we ask them to take on leadership roles and share their accomplishments with our community through performance. 

Winning these Academic State Championship awards is proof that these two teams have done just that. “We are emphasizing the importance of being a leader both on the field and in the classroom,” explains Craig Tomlinson, Head Coach of the varsity soccer team. 

Craig has been a coach and faculty member at SAAS since 2001. A former Sounders player himself, Craig understands that successful players, and successful teams, must work hard and extend that hard work to all areas of life. 

Head of School Rob Phillips recognizes this, as well: “The most effective coaches see the intersections between sport, school and life, and direct their coaching and mentoring into those spaces.” Rob has coached multiple sports over many decades prior to becoming Head of School and knows first-hand what it takes to win a scholastic award. 

“The success of the soccer and volleyball teams is a direct credit to the hard work of the athletes, but it also speaks volumes to an approach to coaching and mentoring that is focused on translating potential into reality in all spheres of life, not just immediate athletic success,” Rob believes. 

Huge congratulations to both teams. We send additional congrats to the Academic State Champions in other classifications.  

Thank you to our student-athletes, coaches, parents and teachers alike who contributed support and encouragement throughout the season. 

This makes two more award banners to hang in our gym! #GOCARDINALS

“Becoming a successful team requires habits of mind as well as habits of action. So it's not surprising that two highly competitive teams with a history of postseason success have shown the capacity, commitment and follow-through to translate what they're able to do on the field and on the court into what they're able to do in the classroom. And that matters because in turn they're going to translate those habits of mind and habits of action into impact in the community outside of SAAS now, and in the years to come.” - Rob Phillips, Head of School

Graphic of Seattle Academy Girls Varsity Volleyball 1A WIAA State Academic Champions
Graphic of Seattle Academy Girls Varsity Soccer 1A WIAA State Academic Champions


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