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Faculty and Staff Volunteer Weekend for More Training

View Photo of Faculty Taking First Aid

On Saturday, December 8, twenty-four faculty and staff members showed up at school at 8 AM to spend the day learning about Wilderness First Aid. The group spanned all departments in the school including Middle and Upper School, teachers, staff members, coordinators, and administrators, from Science, Arts, Learning Support, History, English, World Languages, and Technology.

We are fortunate to have many of our trips leaders here at SAAS trained in Wilderness First Aid. The two-day course is offered each year as part of our professional development plan. In addition ALL faculty and staff members are required to hold current certifications in first aid and CPR. The basic first aid and CPR courses, a one-day training, are offered three times a year.

A big thank you to those who volunteered their weekend to help make all students safe not only in the classroom but on field trips and outdoor trips. And a big thank you to our families who help support our professional development offerings.

Above: Allison Nishtani (middle) and Lewis Maday-Travis (right) work on "injured" Science Department Chair Peter Clark.
Below: Faculty and staff throw in a little bit of fun with their learning. 
View Photo of Faculty Taking Wilderness First Aid