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Hotchkiss Artwork Selected for Storefronts Program

View Photo of Lily Hotchkiss Display

Lily Hotchkiss, Seattle Academy Visual Arts teacher, has a display in the acclaimed Storefronts program in South Lake Union. One of eight new installations, her work can be viewed from March 2018 through June of 2019 at Harrison East.

The Storefronts Program supports Seattle’s creative community, urban neighborhoods and businesses by providing opportunities for artists to “create dynamic, engaging works that reach out to passersby, activate our built environment, and function as an incubator for our arts ecology, entrepreneurial projects, and urban revitalization.”

Here is Lily’s artist statement regarding the display.

     “We carry old homes along the spine.” – Wang Ping

     “I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” -Maya Angelou

     The idea of a home is a longing I have to return to something familiar. The mortar of my home is     
     memory. Or the box of rotating objects I carry around with me that are familiar metaphors for
     different times. My daughter, when asked what home is, will always answer that it is where I am.
     The spaces themselves determining how much or little furniture we can have, the scale of art I can
     make, what is possible. For me this project has been a reflection on her reality, whose home is me,
     on the uncertain world around us, the asylum seekers, the homeless population here in Seattle, the
     privilege of white people, and the larger diaspora community around the world. A reflection on both
     the dreams of mortar and the harder work of defining that as something we carry and how to instill
     that in my daughter. The raw materials I used embodied a process of reflection. The
     deconstruction and rebuilding with disparate parts was a kind of meditation. The old doll houses I
     used were already broken, half formed or falling apart. As I assembled these sketches, 3D,
     fleeting, already broken, I wondered what images will return to my daughter when she leaves her
     childhood home/mom and creates her own. We’ve lived in places inhabited by ghosts, attics with
     secrets in the walls, new apartments with no history save sheetrock dust, rooms we had to turn
     sideways in, those that slant, and those that seem to grow from trees. I hope Seattle will remain our

     Lily Hotchkiss

Congratulations Lily.

View Photo of Lily Hotchkiss Display

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