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Mike Haykin Featured on Education Evolution Podcast

Photo of Mike Haykin Education Evolution Podcast

Seattle Academy’s Assistant Head of School – Options Program, Mike Haykin, was featured on the Education Evolution podcast hosted by Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy. On December 17, Mike joined Dr. O’Shaughnessy for Episode 36 - “Creating Community Within a Larger School." Mike spoke about the SAAS Options Program, our newest offering serving the diverse learning styles and needs of our students.

The Options Program includes English and History curriculum taught by Alyssa Fogel, and Math and Sciences curriculum taught by Josh Brown, plus electives. The program provides a flexible schedule, smaller classes, and individualized attention for students. Personalized instruction empowers students to ask questions in the moment within the context of class, which facilitates comprehension and alleviates stress.

During the podcast Mike was asked, "If you had a magic wand to support students and families in transition or with unique learning needs, what would you wish for?" Mike shared, "I think understanding schools tend to be structured like funnels where everybody gets dropped in and they're all supposed to come out at the same place at the same time, and humans are not built that way. There are kids that are talented, wonderful creative human beings that are just on a different pace and a different path. If everybody can just appreciate that not everybody has to be on this same timeline. And that, in the schools there tends to be this focus on weakness, rather than strength. If we can put our energies more into focusing on strength. Kids will find and define their own path and have bright futures."

Introduced last fall, the Options Program transitioned its format to meet the need for remote learning during the COVID pandemic. Nonetheless, students and parents have responded enthusiastically to the program in its first trimester. Students appreciate the smaller classes and flexibility and are recommending the program to peers. Parents observe students showing decreased stress and anxiety and increased enthusiasm for learning and school.      

To learn more about the SAAS Options Program, contact Mike Haykin.

Listen to the full podcast here: