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Seattle Academy Dance Faculty Addresses Systemic Racism in Dance


Artist Credit: @nalishaestrellas

Recently, Seattle Academy Dance Faculty, Alicia Mullikin had her article, Recognizing Systemic Racism in Dance, published by

After realizing so many folks were asking now more than ever "How do I show up for people of color?" and wanting dance educators to understand how to do that in their classrooms, Alicia got together with an incredible group of experienced dancers of color on the west coast to discuss their shared experiences of discrimination within the dance world in hopes of providing a clear picture of how systemic racism is perpetuated through dance.

The article sheds light on some problematic power structures that contribute to continued inequity in dance and lists ways educators, directors, organizations, and grantors may have participated in systemic racism in dance.

The goal of the work is not merely to name racial inequity but to shed light on the hard but necessary road ahead for all of us. Alicia is a social justice advocate and a force in the dance world in and outside of Seattle Academy. We are excited about continuing to promote her work and address these issues as they exist in our school as well.