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Summer Trips Update 

Photo of three seattle academy sudents restoringwetlands

Above (left-to-right): JW Thomas ‘18, Jakob Kriseman ’19, and Oci Tresemer ’18 restoring wetlands.

Many SAAS students are spending their summers performing community service, learning about new cultures, and exploring the great outdoors. Students have just returned from the first New Orleans trip with the second trip ready to leave in just a little over a week. New Orleans is a service trip that includes rebuilding homes and restoring wetlands as well as learning about the Cajun and Creole cultures in Lousiana. Also just returned is the group that went to White Clouds Mountains, park of the Rocky Mountains, in Idaho where they camped, hiked, and rafted the Salmon River.

Currently we have a group in Zambia working with our sister schools in Lusaka, teaching computer skills. They will also complete community projects with the schools and a local clinic and go on a guided safari in national parks in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The summer will end with two Middle School trips, the 6th Grade Alaska Trip and the 7th/8th Grade Yukon trip where students will hike, kayak, and bond over great campfire food!

2016 New Orleans Trip Photos

2016 Zambia Trip Photos

Below: Rebuilding homes in New Orleans.

Photo of SAAS Students sitting on stairs of home they helped build in new orleans

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