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Campbell ’23 Launches Artisan Bread Kits Business

Seattle Academy Spread Dough Innovations Entrepreneurship 2020
UPDATE TO THE JUNE 2020 Seattle Academy Student Launches Service Project Article

In the Spring of 2020, Eden Campbell ’23 utilized her newfound skills and creativity discovered in the Building a Business class, taught by Mariah Gentry ’09, to launch Spread Dough, an Artisan Bread Kit business. In an effort to learn about entrepreneurship while also raising money for causes that matter to her - Seattle Academy Financial Aid and her local food bank. Eden recalls what inspired her to start these artisan bread kits, "Last Spring, when SAAS switched to online learning, I found that I had more time on my hands. During one of our first virtual club meetings, I was brainstorming with the Entrepreneurship Club, and an idea came into my head. The grocery stores were out of flour and yeast because everyone was stocking up, but people still had more time on their hands due to the pandemic as I did. What if I could find a supplier of basic bread ingredients like flour and yeast and create artisan bread kits that people could bake in their own home? With the help of the Entrepreneurship Club, that was exactly what I did. I was able to start my own fundraiser, Spread Dough. Not only was I able to raise money for the Seattle Academy Financial Aid Program, Family Works, and deliver delicious bread kits, but I also learned so much about how to start and successfully run my own business.”

Through the Seattle Academy Upper School Entrepreneurship Club, Eden met with Mariah and worked on product development, strategizing production, creating a marketing plan, and building a website. Eden states, “I wouldn’t have been able to start Spread Dough without the support of the Entrepreneurship Club. I got the idea during a club meeting when we were talking about problems that could be potentially solved through the creation of a product or business.”

Lysie Taylor, Dean of Innovations, helped Eden get the initial supplies needed to make the first batch of products. Over the summer, Eden marketed her artisan bread kits and fulfilled orders.  During the course of the fundraising campaign, Spread Dough raised $600 and donated $300 to the Seattle Academy Financial Aid Program and $300 to Family Works, a local food bank. Most importantly, she gained a tremendous amount of experience through launching Spread Dough. Eden wants to inspire other students to follow their passions and support causes within their communities. 

During the 2020-21 school year, Eden plans to launch a new venture with the support of the Entrepreneurship Club. The plan involves building a product or business idea that taps into the idea of the remote workplace and building authentic connections between people. 



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