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#EarthDay at SAAS

Photo of the Seattle Academy Environmental Activism Club on Earth Day 2019

Happy #EarthDay from Seattle Academy!  In honor of Earth Day, students from our Environmental Activism Club held a bake sale today with all proceeds going to The Jane Goodall Institute, which builds on the legacy of Dr. Jane Goodall to inspire individual action by young people of all ages to help protect the world we all share.

Aligned with our core values of trust, respect, integrity, and responsibility, the goal of the student-led Environmental Activism Club is to raise awareness and increase engagement around environmentalism at SAAS. “We wanted to create a platform where students could discuss and learn about environmental issues,” said student advisor Helen Bellew '21. They’ve partnered with the YMCA Earth Service Corps and attended various conferences, such as the Environmental Symposium. The club meets once a week and works on community-based projects such as trash sorting posters and school-wide fundraisers. Their last bake sale was in November, where funds raised benefited the Environmental Defense Fund.

“In 2018, when the United Nations warned that we have 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe, we knew we had to do something, anything, to help,” Stella Crowson '21 said about why this topic is so important.  

What’s something everyone can do to help? “Every little individual action matters,” shares student advisor Sidney Liu '21. “Take 10 seconds to sort trash. Don’t use plastic straws. Reuse and recycle. Shop at thrift stores. Small actions can make a big difference for the environment.”  Micah Shapiro '21 said, “We can’t vote yet, but it’s important to bring awareness and discuss climate issues with people who can vote.”

Photos: Earth Day 2019 Bake Sale