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Howard ’22 and Rubin ’20 Appointed to Seattle Youth Commission

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Jordan Howard ’22 and Chloe Rubin ’20 have been appoint to the Seattle Youth Commission, a group of fifteen Seattle teens, appointed by the Mayor and the City Council to connect youth to local elected officials, advise on City policies, and discuss issues that youth in Seattle are facing. There’s a Youth Commissioner representing each of the seven City Council Districts, as well as eight at-large commissioners.  The Youth Commissioners, ages thirteen to nineteen, serve a two-year term and meet twice a month in Seattle City Hall.

Here are Chloe and Jordan’s bios from the Seattle Youth Commission website:

Chloe Rubin is currently a junior at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Chloe is committed to promoting gun control and mitigating the impact of violence. In wake of the Parkland shooting and after witnessing the injury of a friend as a result of gun violence, she is incredibly motivated to fight for gun control.  In addition to her work with the Seattle Youth Commission, Chloe serves as a teen ambassador for One Love, a national organization leading in the education of young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships.  She is also co-founder of Students Spreading Disability Awareness club at her school where she works alongside Disability Rights Washington to help further their public education efforts.  Chloe is keen to share her leadership and advocacy experience with the Seattle Youth Commission.

Jordan Howard is a first-year high school student attending Seattle Academy of Arts and Science.  A new resident of Seattle, Jordan moved here recently from Chicago.  He is concerned with issues related to homelessness, youth detentions, mentorship for young men, and public safety.  As a Seattle Youth Commissioner, Jordan hopes to learn how local government works, how the voice of the people is heard, and what measures are used to manage budgets and results.  Jordan is proud to have spent three years in China and to be part of a family deeply committed to community involvement.  He hopes to continue such traditions while seeking new ways of community engagement.

We congratulate Jordan and Chloe on their appointments and wish them the best as Youth Commissioners.

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Seattle Youth Commission 2018
Jordan Howard ’22 (front row, third from left)
Chloe Rubin ‘20 (back row, far right)