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Jaff '19 Highlighted on King 5 News

Photo of Seattle Academy Senior Evin Jaff '19 with Suicide Prevention Button

Evin Jaff '19 with the suicide prevention button he created.

Seattle Academy senior Evin Jaff was featured on King 5 News for his innovative creation of a suicide prevention button that quickly connects the user with immediate support services. In part, he was motivated by a thoughtful conversation with this parents. In the interview, Evin shares a story about his love of Doritos and a button he created to make ordering the chips from Amazon much easier. This prompted his parents, Kosar and Michelle, to present him with a challenge... "Is this really the best thing you could be doing with that, having a button that orders Doritos?" 
After joining Seattle Academy's Suicide Prevention Committee a few months later, he realized that the button could be used to dial the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, getting help quickly to people who need it. The quick click of the button will dial a suicide prevention number and connect with a hotline in under ten seconds. Evin said the still-unnamed button can help break down the barriers that keep people from reaching out for help.
Since creating this button, Evin has also developed a program that uses RF Chips that can be placed on a poster that would send contact information for a crisis hotline or other important numbers directly to a phone. “Rarely does a student take the time to pull out their phone, take down the number, and save it,” he said.
The button is still in the prototype stage, however, Evin is working with teachers at SAAS to implement a beta program in hopes of having it available on college campuses soon.





The TeenLink helpline is: 866-833-6546

The National Suicide Prevention Helpline is: 800-273-8255

Read the entire King 5 Article.

Congratulations Evin! 

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