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Model UN Kicks off Season at EDUMUN

Photo of Seattle Academy Model UN Club

Owen Draper ’22 representing Venezuela at EDUMUN.

Seattle Academy’s Model United Nations (UN) began their season by attending EDUMUN, held at Northwest University in Kirkland.  The conference drew nearly four hundred students from across Washington state.

Model UN is an extracurricular competition in which students represent appointed countries in simulations of real UN committees and councils.  The committees and councils may be set in the past, present, or future. 

The opening ceremonies began with a speech from Dr. Roberto Dondisch, the current Consul of Mexico in Seattle, who indicated that delegates should protect the interest of their designated countries and strive for win-win scenarios. 

Equipped with the challenge to staunchly promote the positions of their countries and achieve compromise, SAAS delegates attended their seminars and committees. Those involved with the seminars learned the rules of procedure for committee sessions, how to research country positions, and how to write resolutions. These culminated in a capstone event, in which students engaged the topic of renewable energy from the perspectives of Egypt (Nathan Fox ’20), Paraguay (Anika Segall ’22), and Japan (Nina Mesiwala ’22).

Evin Jaff ’19 represented Germany on a Crisis Committee set in the future. The crisis? NASA received communication from aliens, demanding the world’s supply of cocoa beans. From one absurdity to the next, including the allegation that Paul Ryan was actually an alien invertebrate, students were forced to constantly adapt to escalating crises and shifts in global power. Evin wrote an astounding fifteen directives, which led to military and diplomatic interventions. 

Delegates also engaged the dire realities of the real world. Owen Draper ’22 represented Venezuela on the United Nations Human Rights Council, debating the topic of Child Sex Trafficking in Latin America. Ultimately, despite a wide range of interests, the committee was able to pass a resolution that provided training for local authorities and schools for victims. Furthermore, Owen was able to prepare a country position paper for the committee and establish himself as a consistent contributor with less than forty-eight hours of notice—talk about the Culture of Performance!

Model UN is both a SAAS club and an interscholastic competition. Middle or Upper School students interested in learning more about Model United Nations should drop by V2 in the Vanderbilt Building at lunch on Tuesdays or contact Abby Drivdahl or Adam MacDonald.  

Click Here to view EDUMUN Event Photos. 


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