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SAAS Students Start Mentorship Program for Adopted Children

View a Photo of the Founders of the STAR Mentorship Program
Luke Duncan '20 (left) and Davon Carroll '21 (center)

Over the summer, ParentMap published an article featuring two Seattle Academy students, Luke Duncan '20 and Davon Carroll '21. Luke and Davon have created a mentorship program for adopted youth. The program, called STAR (Strong, Tough, and Resilient), provides a social support group where adopted kids can be part of a group of kids like them, have fun, and if they wish to, discuss topics around adoption. The program uses a model that allows youth to connect with adult mentors (who were also adoptees) as well as adoptees their own age.

READ MORE about the program and the ways that Luke and Davon continue to improve the services provided.

Congratulations to Luke, Davon, and their families on such an impressive accomplishment.