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Seattle Academy Partners With the World School in Language Exchange

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Every Thursday from 4-5 PM, a group of Seattle Academy students meet up with a group of Seattle World School students to learn new language skills in their target languages (French, Spanish, and Chinese for SAAS students and English for the World School students). The aim of the program is to help immigrants improve their English while allowing SAAS students to gain real-world speaking and oral comprehension experience outside of the classroom. This experience provides a safe environment for students from both schools to grow and make mistakes without judgment.

Students of all grades, experience levels, and languages are welcome to participate. At this point in the new program, students have had the chance to meet their counterpoints, learn a little about each school, and tour the buildings. Soon, the exchange hopes to start sharing cultural activities such as food, games, music, and dances. Interested students should contact Rebecca Klein at or talk to her in person in Vanderbilt classroom V4.

Article written by Charlotte Jennings ’22 and Riley Rock '20
Above: Tess Faury '21 (middle) and Nina Mesiwala '22 (right) meet one of the World School students.
Below: Amavi Santos ’22 and Charlotte Jennings ’22 (left and middle) tour the World School located at 18th and E Union.

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