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Students & Faculty Attend the 11th Annual Climate Solutions Breakfast

Photo Of Seattle Academy Students Faculty and Staff Attend 2019 Climate Solutions Breakfast

Thanks to the generous donation from an alumni family for the eighth consecutive year, Seattle Academy took a total of twenty-six Middle and Upper School students and faculty to the 11th Annual Climate Solutions fundraising breakfast last Wednesday at the Westin Seattle.

The event featured Washington Senator Rebecca Saldaña, who talked about transportation—the single largest source of climate pollution in our region.
In addition to Senator Saldaña, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signed an ordinance requiring building developers to include electric vehicle charging infrastructure as part of new parking facilities.

All in all it was a great event highlighting the leadership that Seattle and Climate Solutions is providing in the fight against climate change.

Seattle Academy student attendees reflection:

"I thought that the event was amazing. I, personally, love hearing people share their innovative ideas on how to make the world a better place. But what I liked the most was probably listening to how climate change affected them personally. The speeches were really heartfelt and well written, and I felt inspired. It made me put all of the political pandemonium and instability aside, the breakfast made me realize that saving our Earth is the number one issue that humanity needs to focus on." -Avery T. '25 

"At first I was unsure what to expect. I had little information about the event. When we got off the bus I realized the scale of the room itself. Probably the size of two basketball gyms. It was a classy breakfast that was so good. I personally learned about our climate. I learned that we must change our transportation. We must make the most of everything electric, but more than that, we must have more public transportation."-Rowan P. '25

"It was my third year going to the Climate Solutions breakfast and every year they impress me with how much they have accomplished. This year was especially special because we got to watch Jenny Durkan sign a law. This new law makes it illegal to build a parking lot without electric car charging. Climate Solutions worked hard the law reality and everyone got to witness it finally happening." -Samantha B. '22 

"Climate change is one of those existential crises I have, but the Climate Solutions breakfast brings me so much hope and reminds me of all the work that is being done to save our world. We don't know how long our planet really has, so I am even more grateful for organizations like Climate Solutions and am encouraged by those same organizations to join the fight." -Charlotte J. '22 

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