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The 20 Delegates of
Seattle Academy Model UN

Photo of the Seattle Academy Upper School Model United Nations Club in 2022

The 2021-22 Seattle Academy MUN at PACMUN, the largest MUN conference in the state.

Written by: Sophia Myint '24 (Seattle Academy MUN co-president)

Seattle Academy Model United Nations (MUN) Club has wrapped up an unprecedented year of club participation and conference attendance. Much of the success belongs to the consistent club leadership from the Class of 2022 seniors Anika Segall, Owen Snyder-Smith, Tatum McLaughlin, Ela Karki, Owen Draper, and Delphine Casper. The senior leaders structured debates and guided new club members through rules of procedure during weekly club sessions. 

Over the course of the year, twenty students, representing all grades, attended four in-person conferences through MUN Northwest, which is a student-run organization, including EDUMUN (Fall), PACMUN (Fall), SeattleMUN (Winter), and KINGMUN (Spring). PACMUN is the largest MUN conference in the state. We also attended a virtual conference called YMUN, which is put on by Yale students. This is a large, four-day conference that hosts over 2,000 students from over 40 countries. 

Among the group of twenty delegates, seventeen would go on to participate in at least one other conference and eleven attended their first conference ever. Adopting the positions of assigned countries, individuals, or organizations, student delegates engaged in debate, problem-solving, and at times espionage. 

Model UN is always encouraging new members to join. There aren’t tryouts or attendance requirements and MUN is a great way to gain public speaking confidence or beef up your college resume. We encourage club members to use MUN as a space to learn by doing, take academic and social risks, and develop skills for collective problem-solving. If you are a middle or upper school student interested in attending MUN as a club or as a competitive delegation, please reach out to the communications coordinator Emma Thompson or advisor Adam MacDonald. You can also follow us on Instagram (@saas.mun) for opportunities, events, and updates. Preparations are already underway for Fall MUN-ia 2022! 

Graphic of the Seattle Academy Upper School Model United Nations Club Awards 2022

“Model UN is a fun and meaningful way to explore world problems. Students take academic and social risks as they raise their placards to speak in committee sessions or build relationships with delegates from other schools to pass resolutions.” - Adam MacDonald, History Teacher and Model UN Faculty Advisor

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