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Two Conscientious Students Rock Model United Nations Conference

Photo of FIMUN 2021
Written by Adam MacDonald
Seattle Academy Model United Nations (SAMUN) Club Leader
Upper School History Faculty

While many of us in the Seattle Academy Upper School were reflecting on our first week of hybrid learning, two Seattle Academy students proceeded to participate at FIMUN, a Model United Nations conference hosted by Florida International University.

Seattle Academy Model United Nations delegates Owen Draper ('22) and Delphine Casper ('22) logged eleven hours of committee sessions stretched over the three-day conference, including 6:30 AM start times to accommodate the East Coast time zone.

Owen served as Chris Cuomo on the Joint Crisis Committee, which pitted CNN versus Fox News in the context of the 2016 election. Participants in this “In News We Trust” simulation balanced personal and corporate agendas as they attempted to establish themselves as the #1 twenty four-hour cable news network. The creativity of the students didn’t disappoint as they were compelled to negotiate unpredictable developments, such as independence of Long Island, Canada occupying parts of the US, and the 2016 Republican ticket of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Owen was an integral member of the CNN team, working to mitigate the FOX news offensives and writing directives to sabotage their exploits.

Delphine served as the delegate from Sweden on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which sets the global environmental agenda. The thirty-one country delegation addressed two topics: 1) Advancing the Green Economy; and 2) Response to the Ramifications of Extreme Weather Events. Regarding the former topic, Delphine wrote a resolution entitled the Renewable Energy Incentivizing Greener Advancements (REIGA Plan). The resolution outlined a concrete plan to combat climate change including switching from nonrenewable energy sources to renewable energy sources, implementing green initiatives for consumers and manufacturers, and creating a biannual training program to spread awareness about climate disasters and their drastic effects. This resolution would go on the pass unanimously.

Aside from the personal gratification of doing meaningful work and meeting conscientious students from across the nation, students had the ability to earn awards for their participation including best position paper, verbal commendations, honorable mentions, outstanding delegate, and the highest award—Best Delegate. Delphine won Best Delegate for UNEP! Congratulations to Delphine and her family for this honor!

If you are interested in joining the Seattle Academy Model United Nations, please contact history teacher Adam MacDonald for more information. The club meets on Wednesdays at 11:15 AM  and there will be two more interscholastic conferences this year. Beginners are encouraged to join.